The Advantages of Same Day Crowns for Quick, Easy, and Convenient Dental Restorations

Patients undergoing dental treatment, such as root canal therapy, may be informed by the dentist that a "crown" will be needed. A "crown" is actually a custom-made protective shell that is placed over a real tooth, mostly for protection, so that the real tooth will not be damaged when biting down on hard objects in the future. Traditionally, it took 1-2 weeks for the crown to be made and patients had to visit the dental clinic at least twice to complete the procedure. However, with digital dentistry, same-day crowns are now possible in as short as half a day.

When is a crown necessary?

Crowns are a common dental procedure, and they can be used for a variety of reasons. When do you need a crown? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • When a tooth is fractured or cracked due to an accident, a crown can be placed to protect the damaged tooth and restore it to its original shape.
  • If a patient needs root canal treatment, the real tooth becomes weak and a crown can be placed to strengthen the tooth that has already undergone root canal treatment.
  • For patients who are dissatisfied with the color and shape of their teeth, crowns is also an effective way to restore unattractive or misshapen teeth
Same Day Crown

A crown can protect the damaged tooth and restore the original appearance of the tooth.

Traditional crown fabrication process: 2-3 weeks and two visits

Traditional crown placement requires 2-3 visits. First, the dentist will prepare the tooth to make room for the crown, then take physical impressions of the patients' teeth, which were sometimes messy and not easily tolerable by patients. The model will be sent to the laboratory later for the dental model and crown fabrication. While waiting, the patient will only be able to wear a temporary crown. After the crown is completed in about 1-2 weeks, the dentist will be able to place the permanent crown on the patient.

Traditional physical impressions

Traditional physical impressions is sometimes messy.

Digital crown restoration: complete in one single visit

With the latest digital technology, crowns can be fabricated and placed in one day, meaning that patients can complete the entire procedure in just one visit. The dentist uses an intraoral scanner to capture the patient's teeth and sends the data to the technician for crown design in real time.

Intraoral scanner

The dentist obtains the patient's dental condition with an intraoral scanner.

Same Day Crown

Send the data to the technician's office in real time

Once the design is confirmed, the crown is then fabricated by a 3D milling machine and is ready within 1-2 hours. Once the dentist receives the crown, he or she can place the crown on the patient and finish the same day crown treatment.

Same Day Crown

Once the design is confirmed, the crown can be made with a 3D milling machine.

4 benefits of digital crown restoration

1. Time saving

Patients can complete the oral examination, impressions, and crown placement in the same day without the need for temporary crowns, which saves more time and is ideal for those who are busy and have an urgent need for dental restoration.

2. More comfortable experience

The digital impressions eliminate the need for traditional putty impressions. Say bye to messy putty impressions. It's much more comfortable and results in a higher-quality image of your teeth.

3. Less local anaesthetics injection

Patients can reduce the number of local anesthesia sessions as the treatments are performed on the same day;

4. More accurate

The digital scanners provide more accurate data for a final aesthetic and functional crown.

How long will a digitally fabricated crown last?

The average longevity of a crown is 10-15 years, but this depends so much on the patient: on their oral care and usage habits. Proper brushing twice a day, flossing to remove plaque, regular dental check-ups, semi-annual teeth cleanings, and avoiding biting on hard objects can extend the longevity of crowns.

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